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How To Generate New Article Ideas - Darius Foroux

How To Generate New Article Ideas - Darius Foroux


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Always collect good material

Writing is like pursuing a healthier lifestyle. It all depends on what we consume. Therefore we must take into consideration what we read, listen to, watch, and experience.

Every experience you get from books, adventures, podcasts, or conversation, is possible material...

Most of us tend to forget things even though we told ourselves "Ah, I'll remember it later. No need to write it down." However, we must think about our future selves. Your future self doesn't know what you're talking about when you mention a word or two.

Instead, ...

In the pursuit of becoming a great writer, we must also become great researchers. We are meant to assemble the words and ideas that will resonate with our audience.

A great example of this is Robert Greene and his work 48 Law of Power. His work contains many historica...

No matter how great of a writer you are, you won't be able to put out great content if you're writing something that bores you. It's difficult to generate ideas on a topic you have zero interest in.

Writing is an intellectual practice and it's much easier to write ...

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