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Process driven approach: The secret of life

Process driven approach: The secret of life


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Process driven approach: The secret of life

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  • People are encouraged to set high standards like high marks or goals at work. The problem arises when all we do is stress about that benchmark. All efforts taken are directed towards the result with no joy in the process.
  • Instead of asking,"How do I do this?", result focused work gets us stressed, we are worried about whether we can do this at all or the possibility of failure looming over our head. Self doubt, tension and fear of failure are the only things we feel.


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  • When our focus shifts from the result to the process, there is a sense of satisfaction or fulfillment as we have enjoyed working towards the goal. Work becomes a joy, as every step is a new learning experience or a challenge.
  • The pursuit itself is a fulfilling experience. When we are not in the clutches of the result, we are open to trying out new experiences, experimenting and taking risks. When we give our 100% to what we have to do


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