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The sign you are trapped in a bad mythology

Do you believe that you’re part of a widespread Good vs. Evil struggle and that you fight every day on the Good side?

If you feel as though your movement is the Good and your enemies the Evil, then you are ultimately looking at whatever your experience is through a very blurred, low resolution lens and, in most cases, it’s not because you’re stupid, but because you’ve been co-opted. You need a better mythology.


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The word “mythology” brings images of a Marvel character and maybe some exotic thing; a Norse god or an Egyptian pyramid, etc.

Mythology – the real one – is an embedding of gnomic and esoteric wisdom into a culture through storytelling and other artefacts. It’s the encoded information you pass to your children as you had passed to you; slight variations due to the wider meta-game changes that have occurred during your life notwithstanding.


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Life-long learner. Passionate about leadership, entrepreneurship, philosophy, Buddhism & SF. Founder @deepstash.

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