Do we live in discrete or continuous world? - Deepstash

First we should solve this question: Is there a distance in between the two things? Are the two things separated?

Now, if, just if … there is a distance in between them, then there is something or nothingness in between them. If that so, then whether there is :

  • nothingness (in the sense nothing at all of anything) in between them, which is impossible, since this kind of nothingness can’t separate the two things. It’s like saying, there is … that doesn’t exist could separate the two existence .
  • something in between them, that means there is no separation in between them, and actuallysomething, it’s on their own . This states there is no separation in between things, which could be stated rigorously, there is continuity anywhere.
  • Stating that there could be something in between both of them, then you can ask many times: what else could it be in between them at the deep level? Again and again, that would make the size of just the two of things would be expanded infinitely which is impossible, sincething can’t expand beyond itself . Therefore there is no separator except their own self as a continuation .

Do we live in a discrete or a continuous world? Not in discrete for sure!


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