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How To Get 10 Times the Value From Every Book You Read

How To Get 10 Times the Value From Every Book You Read


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Read Once & Reap the Benefits of Reading 10x

Many of us read, yet we are far from reaping its benefits, for we fail to retain the knowledge and apply it into our daily routine. Here is a 5 step strategy to help you reap the benefits:

  1. Read
  2. Harvest
  3. Curate
  4. Master
  5. Categorize

Read: Regularly

  • Whenever you find an insight or learning while reading, highlight it immediately. 
  • Do not hesitate if a similar idea has been already highlighted, redundancies will be managed later.
  • Completed reading? Create a folder on your PC for summaries, if not created already.
  • ...

Harvest: Values

  • Inside the "Summaries" folder, create a document with the book name.
  • Revisit the highlights and if they still feel insightful, type them in the document.
  • If you encounter some similar insights, record them. Don't worry about the summary length.
  • PRO TIP: I...

Curate: Summarize

  • While curating, the aim is to bring the summary length within 2-5 pages.
  • Reframe the ideas, discard the repetitive insights & avoid anecdotes.
  • Ensure the document doesn't exceed the page limit of 2-5 pages.
  • PRO TIP: While reframing, use Feynman's principle to expl...

Master: 10x Values

  • Read the summary for the next 10 days.
  • Fit the learnings into your daily routine.
  • Voila! You have the values with you.
  • PRO TIP: Try reading the summary at a fixed time every day, to create a habit.

Categorize: Best of the Best

  • Create a master document for each genre, containing only the concise summary of the related books.
  • This will prove resourceful when you need help with a situation.
  • For eg: if you are having productivity issues, so instead of re-reading books, you can quickly go through the ma...

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