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Don’t Start From Scratch: How Innovative Ideas Arise

Don’t Start From Scratch: How Innovative Ideas Arise

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Don‘t start from scratch ..

Starting from scratch is usually a bad idea...

We oftenly assume that every meaningful idea always requires a blank slate . It means discarding all the previous ideas and completely Taking A Fresh Start ...

There wasn't a magical moment when the animal kingdom said, “Let's start from scratch and create an animal that can fly.” The development of flying birds was a gradual process of iterating and expanding upon ideas that already worked.


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The  Toaster failure ...

The Toaster failure ...

In 2010, Thomas Thwaites decided he wanted to build a toaster from scratch. He went into a shop, purchased the cheapest toaster he could find, and went home and deconstructed it .

There were more than 400 components laid out on his floor.

It was not easy for him to find different materials and build the Toaster and the homemade toaster ended up looking more like a melted cake than a kitchen appliance.

And this was just because of his starting from scratch approach .


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Iterate, don't originate...

The Toaster Project is an example of how we often fail to notice the complexity of our modern world. When you buy a toaster, you don't think about everything that has to happen before it appears in the store.

When you are dealing with a complex problem, it is usually better to build upon what already works. Any idea that is currently working has passed a lot of tests. Old ideas are a secret weapon because they have already managed to survive in a complex world.


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