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Ten rules of good studying

  1. Use recall.
  2. Test yourself.
  3. Chunk your problems.
  4. Space your repetition.
  5. Alternate different problem solving techniques during your practice.
  6. Take breaks.
  7. Use explanatory questioning and simple analogies.
  8. Focus.
  9. Eat your frogs first (do de hardest tasks first).
  10. Make a mental contrast.


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Ten rules of bad studying

  1. Passive rereading.
  2. Letting highlights overwhelm you.
  3. Merely glancing at problems solutions and think you know how to solve them.
  4. Waiting until the last minute to study.
  5. Repeatedly solve problems of the same type that you already know how to solve.
  6. Let study sessions with friends turn into chat sessions.
  7. Neglecting to read the textbook before you start working problems.
  8. Not checking with instructors or classmates to clear up points of confusion.
  9. Thinking you can learn deeply when you are constantly distracted.
  10. Not getting enough sleep.


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