I drew everyday for 2 years. Here's what I learned. — Blender Guru - Deepstash
I drew everyday for 2 years. Here's what I learned. — Blender Guru

I drew everyday for 2 years. Here's what I learned. — Blender Guru

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Build a feedback loop

Learning happens by recognizing you made a mistake, and aiming to correct it on your next attempt. Yet because most artists think “practice makes perfect” they complete one drawing and move to the next. You need to be able to compare your drawing to something, or you won’t be able to recognize where it can improve.


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Focus on one thing at a time

Yes, it’s fun to make final images. But they aren’t very good for learning, because anything could be wrong: proportions, gesture, shading, perspective, simplification, anatomy, color - or something else! That’s like listening to 5 pieces of music simultaneously. There’s just too much conflicting information. You need to remove as many elements as possible in order to see what’s truly wrong.


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Interpretation drives interest

A photograph will tell you exactly how it is, but not what is important. Art is most interesting when the artist does try to tell you what is important. Like simplifying detail , exaggerating form or distorting selected elements .


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