Lecture 2 : What is the Design Process? - Deepstash
Lecture 2 : What is the Design Process?

Lecture 2 : What is the Design Process?


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Lecture 2 : What is the Design Process?

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A design process defines a designers journey to solve problems and to create an idea. Having a consistent process helps you accomplish great things!

There are no real definition of a design process. It is different for each company and different for each individual.


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  1. Elements: What is our expected outcome: What is the end results, whar are we creating
  2. Stages:What is our approach, are we using Design thinking, Double Diamond or some other method.
  3. Tools: What do we use, use tools that are optimzed for specific goals.


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Strategy-is the intersection between solving their peple problem and achieving their business goal.

Scope- Determines the set of features that are necessary for a feasible solution here you are figuring out how much work.

Structure-Interaction Design and Information Architecture, Information Architecture

Skeleton- UI and Navigation design. Start designing the Navigation Design and picking a tab bar or hamburger menu.

Surface- Visual Design helps the interface be more accessible and easy to use and understand.


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Step 1: Discover: Step 1 is to discover as much data as possible based off of an inital insight. We audit our own business and other businesses

Step 2:Define: When defining we select problems that create a large impact. from there we select the best problem to solve.


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Step 3- Develop: We reserve any judgement and think big, wild and crazy. You will start designing and figuring out your solution

Step 4-Deliver: You will evaluate your work by putting it through critiques, running an AB test


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Had a conversation with a Food Brand last week with a clear challenge in customer service experience. They get complaints from customers every week. After so much probing I found out they have no customer experience design and customer journey map since their formation in 2014. Sharing this article was influenced by that conversation.