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Can you 'programme' your brain to think of genius solutions?

Can you 'programme' your brain to think of genius solutions?


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Creativity is a trainable skill

Research shows that with practise, we can all learn to become more creative.

When we hear of people known for their remarkable creativity, it's quick to assume that they are born different from the rest of us. We forget that these creative geniuses often spent years workin...

Puccio's Thinking Skills Model is one of the best-tested attempts to teach workplace creativity. Research showed that participants in creativity training generated four times as many original ideas as those who didn't.

The programme highlights the need to ...

How to apply convergent and divergent thinking in seven steps:

  1. Assess the situation
  2. Explore the vision
  3. Frame the challenges
  4. Explore ideas
  5. Create solutions
  6. Explore acceptance
  7. Create a plan

It takes time to develop cr...

The right mindset is needed to develop your creativity.

  • Some people see their talents as fixed, so they prefer to stay with the tasks that will result in success. For them, failure would be deeply discouraging.
  • Others are learning-oriented. ...

  • Businesses could invest in more training for their teams instead of assuming that creativity will happen naturally. They should also create the right working environment where failure is treated as part of the process.
  • If a leader is not aligned to creative-thinkin...

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