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A constraint is a state of being restricted, limited or confined within prescribed bounds.

Think of all the possible creative ideas as grass in a huge field, and your creativity is a horse that’s running through this field, searching for the best plot of grass. If you don’t set up a constraint, the horse will run wild, being unable to focus on a single plot, because a better plot may always be available. If you set up a fence (constraint), it will help keep your horse within a specific area, it can cover the ground quicker, finding the best plot of grass quickly, and start eating.



Creative Limitations trigger the flow state

‘Flow’ is the psychological state during which we feel and perform our best. Creativity and Productivity has been proven to increase during flow. Flow is achieved through some external triggers that are all activated when we set limitations. These triggers are:

  • Risk : Time pressure is form of risk that is created through time constraints.
  • Clear Goals : Constraints help you set clearer goals.
  • Challenge to Skill Ratio : Resource limitations pose challenges, and force you to apply their existing skills in a better way.



  • Committing to a schedule or setting a deadline: reducing the time you can spend on topic choosing and devoting more to actual creation.
  • Following a strict process or limiting the number of tools you can use
  • Setting a word, time or some other kind of limit (Eg. This article should be less than 1000 words, or, This painting should only have 3 things in the foreground , etc.)
  • Letting go of perfectionism, embracing rough corners and experimental stuff to help you grow and learn



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