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by Robert Greene

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Remain calm and observe

Remain calm and observe

They make you see what you want to see, depending on your mood, and this disconnect from reality is the source of the bad decisions and negative patterns that haunt your life.

Rationality is the ability to counteract these emotional effects, to think instead of react, to open your mind to what is really happening, as opposed to what you are feeling.

It does not come naturally; it is a power we must cultivate, but in doing so we realize our greatest potential.


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Three parts of brain

Three parts of brain

Reptilian part of the brain, which controls all automatic responses that regulate the body. This is the instinctive part.

Above that is the old mammalian or limbic brain, governing feeling and emotion.

And on top of that has evolved the neocortex, the part that controls cognition and, for humans, language.


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Intimidation of Social Media

Intimidation of Social Media

Our continual connection to social media makes us prone to new forms of viral emotional effects. These are not media designed for calm reflection. With their constant presence, we have less and less mental space to step back and think.


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Are you rational?

Are you rational?

Rational people are aware of this and through introspection and effort are able, to some extent, to subtract emotions from their thinking and counteract their effect.


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How to become more rational?

How to become more rational?

It is important to not see the path to rationality as something painful and ascetic.

In fact, it brings powers that are immensely satisfying and pleasurable, much deeper than the more manic pleasures the world tends to offer us.

Being able to tame the Emotional Self leads to an overall calmness and clarity. You have the immense satisfaction of mastering yourself in a deep way.


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The Laws of Human Nature

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The Laws of Human Nature

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The Laws of Human Nature

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