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Do You Have an Inner Voice? Not Everyone Does

Do You Have an Inner Voice? Not Everyone Does

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Talking To Ourselves: Our Inner Voice

Talking To Ourselves: Our Inner Voice

Most of us think that talking to ourselves mentally is a normal thing. But some people don’t have an ‘inner monologue’ with themselves and rely on visualizing what they are planning or thinking.

Research in psychology reveals that many don’t realize that they talk to themselves, and for some, it only occurs when they are under pressure or are trying to perform. It is not a sign of intelligence, but a window to one’s personality.


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The Brain Signal For Inner Stimuli

Our internal speech is regulated by a brain signal called the corollary discharge. When we speak, an internal copy of our voice is generated simultaneously, so we can hear ourselves speaking(in our mind)even before we speak.

It is a fascinating insight for both kinds of people: Those who cannot imagine having a constant inner monologue, and those who are surprised that there is no inner voice for some.


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