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Scientists Aren't Sure How the Inner Voice Works

Scientists Aren't Sure How the Inner Voice Works

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Investigating Inner Speech

Investigating Inner Speech

  • It's difficult to study inner voices because people have what he calls "presuppositions" about what's going on in their minds.
  • Respondents will typically describe what they think researchers want to hear rather than their genuine thoughts.
  • People can learn to pay closer attention if they pay close attention.


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Not All Minds Speak Alike

  • There is a huge amount of variation from person to person. Some people hear inner voices that may sound like recordings while others describe it as much more vague and fuzzy.
  • Research from Hurlburt and other scientists has indicated that some people do not hear inner speech at all, or not according to their definition of it.


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The Mind as a Streaming Service

Our minds not only have soundtracks, but they also offer video entertainment by way of mental images.

Those who can’t form mental images experience aphantasia, a term coined in 2015 by researchers who first identified the condition. It’s thought to affect between 2-5% of the population and affect about 1-2% of people with an inner voice.


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