Everyone's losing something

Everyone's losing something

what did you lose today?

Our routines have all gone haywire

Taking our comforts away.

Did you lose the privilage of a driver

Whom the lockdown forced to stay home?

Or were you forced to cook your own dinner

Pushing you out of your comfort zone.

Are you sad that you lost a holiday

That you had booked so much in advance?

Caught with the seeming unfairness

Of this unfortunate circumstance.

Or did you lose a golden opportunity

To have the biggest wedding you'd planned?

But just ended up with a small one

No big crowds, no live band...


Everyone's Losing Something


ODette katrak ( an activist from BENGAluru)

Everyone's losing something or someone

We've all got our part to play,

And hang on to hope as we journey on

Bruised, broken but never losing heart


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