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Allodoxaphobia (Fear of Opinions)

Allodoxaphobia (Fear of Opinions)


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Allodoxaphobia (Fear of Opinions)

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Allodoxaphobia is the irrational fear of opinions. Someone suffering from this disorder may find it extremely difficult to cope with day to day life, whether due to actually being judged by others or merely due to their own paranoia. In some extreme cases, they may even experience full blown panic attacks that will require hospitalization.

Their intense fear of may be deeply rooted in their own insecurities as they may be extremely critical of themselves. So, essentially, they may fear that the opinions of other people are the same critical opinions that they have of themselves.


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Succumbing to isolation

In order to reduce the amount of anxiety that they'll experience in any given day from their allodoxaphobia, they may try to avoid people altogether. Though avoiding people may help to relieve some of the anxiety associated with their allodoxaphobia, it may only worsen their anxiety in the long run.

Besides avoiding people who may judge them, they may also try to abstain from having opinions themselves. They may feel as though if they have opinions on things, especially opinions about sensitive subjects , that this may open the door for other people to judge them based on their positions


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1) exposure therapy depending on intensity and expertised opinion

2) anti- anxiety medications

3) Exercises

4) Yoga and mindful meditation

5) Reducing caffeine

6) Dialectical behavioral therapy

7) cognitive behavioral therapy

8) mindfulness based stress reduction


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