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The Beginner's Guide to the Filmmaking Process

The Beginner's Guide to the Filmmaking Process


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The Beginner's Guide to the Filmmaking Process

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The Filmmaking Process: The Idea

The movie is first made in the head.

  • The story that is inside the brain, in the beginning, serves as a foundation to the project, which will eventually see lots of changes, twists and turns.
  • Important story elements like plot, characters, narrative, conflict etc. are decided at this stage.
  • It is good to carry a notepad or install a note-taking app to jot down fresh ideas that come up in this initial stage.
  • Keep a note of newspaper articles, real-life observations and even dreams!


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The script makes the story, dialogue, and plot points in a systematic, linear format. The team relies on this tool to know what to do and uses this as a reference point for the action and dialogue lines.

It is a good idea to improvise on your ‘bound’ script and let the actors improvise their performance, enhancing the story and visual impact.


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Acting as a rough visual scene sequence for the filmmaker, the Storyboard represents what shots are planned to be filmed. Many details can be planned over here, based on the ideas in the filmmaker's head that need to be brought to screen.

For those who cannot draw, it is a good idea to click pictures on the smartphone of props representing how you want the scene to be shot later.


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It pays to take as much time as possible to get the right people to work with, considering their work experience, discipline and talent stack. One can hold auditions to select the best talent, and not just take someone you know from the past, as an obligation or courtesy.


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The filmmaker needs to scout for the best shooting locations. This is a fun part where there is lots of travel, clicking pictures and shooting small videos. Choose places that can accommodate the actors and the cameras, lights, crew as well.


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One can prepare for the filming process by having a shoot script and a schedule ready and shared with all the stakeholders. Don’t rush and try to accommodate changes and eventual problems/challenges.

Shoot the same scene from multiple angles, giving you more footage to work with.


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This lengthy process is where all the footage is edited and placed together to create the first rough cut of the movie. The next step is adding sound effects, dialogues, music and visual effects.

One can show the rough cut to take opinion from trusted individuals, removing segments that won’t work with the audience.


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