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This is the branch of philosophy that deals with the ethical questions around sports competitions.

Sports have rules that should be enforced. This means that every player needs to respect the game's rules and has the right to see the rules applied equally to every other contestant. Sport is then a critical tool to teach justice, respect, and honesty.

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The Filmmaking Process: The Idea

The movie is first made in the head.

  • The story that is inside the brain, in the beginning, serves as a foundation to the project, which will eventually see lots of changes, twists and turns.
  • Important story elements like plot, characters, narrative, conflict etc. are decided at this stage.
  • It is good to carry a notepad or install a note-taking app to jot down fresh ideas that come up in this initial stage.
  • Keep a note of newspaper articles, real-life observations and even dreams!

Cantata comes from the Italian word cantare, which means "to sing." It originated in the early 17th-century, but, as with any musical form, it has evolved through the years.

At the very beginning, cantatas referred to a music piece that is meant to be sung. Loosely defined today, a cantata is a vocal work with multiple movements and instrumental accompaniment; it can be based on either a secular or sacred subject.

The Ironic Process Theory
  • It is the psychological process where a person tries to suppress certain thoughts but ironically ends up thinking about them instead.
  • It was first explored by Daniel Wegner in 1987.
  • Also known as the ironic rebound and the white bear problem. For example, when you try to suppress yourself from thinking of a white bear or a pink elephant, you're more likely to imagine one instead.
Putting Your Work Out There

If we have a new idea, blog, online content or anything we have created, there is an inherent fear of putting it out into the world for everyone else to see. It is an inevitable fear that most of us face.

If creation is not happening, work is being avoided, innovation not getting worked on, there is a good chance we are living in that fear.

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