The Power of Crystals

Crystals are naturally occurring rock formations coveted for their unique shape, texture, and luminosity. For millennia, they’ve been a part of daily life. Even being integrated into rituals, medicine, and beauty routines.

In this modern age, many of the tech products we use— such as TVs, computers, satellites, cellular phones, and watches— contain crystal components.

They’re powerful, affordable, & accessible to all.

We can use them to identify, raise, and direct energy to a targeted source.


What Are Healing Crystals? Popular Crystals & Their Meanings

Crystals & Their Unique Qualities

Each crystal is unique. There are so many varieties and types, each with their own set of qualities and benefits.

Some stones to add to or start your collection:

  • Black Tourmaline: for protection
  • Rose Quartz: self-love, universal love
  • Citrine: for abundance, joy
  • Amethyst: a healing stone

Need help to relieve anxiety? Headaches? A broken heart? There’s a stone for that. Heal yourself, be one with nature through crystals. The list goes on…



Crystal Healing

The magic of crystals comes from their structural compositions. It's believed that the energy of the crystal flows through the geometry of the stone, and that different ones produce various healing energies.

We can use crystals to identify, raise, and direct energy to a targeted source. They’re extremely dynamic manifestation tools.

When we infuse a crystal with spiritual intention, we create a symbiotic bond with it. The crystal, charged with energy, can independently create transformation.


Working with Crystals

As part of a spiritual practice, crystals are a powerful part of spell-casting. Your unique energy is always the key ingredient.

It’s believed that crystals can be programmed ("attuned") to receive, absorb, and transfer emotions.

You can attune your crystal for a variety of purposes; it can promote wisdom, wellness, love, or prosperity.

Before that, however, you have to be sure to reset its vibrations.



How To Cleanse & Program Your Crystals

Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals:

  • Place under running tap water (make sure the stone is water-safe, first!)
  • Use Sage or Palo Santo: light your bundle and pass the crystal through the smoke
  • Use sound: play singing bowls, chimes
  • Bury it in the soil (a potted plant works)
  • Leave it out under a full moon

To Program: hold the crystal in your hand, close your eyes, and speak your intention. Repeat your manifestation, visualize your goals, and feel the crystal absorbing your energy.



Living with Crystals
  • Keep crystals close by placing it in a pocket or purse (or wear them in a bra)
  • Use them for rituals, like Full Moon ceremonies
  • Store them on a windowsill or shelf, or place on an altar
  • Always be mindful of its radiance

Your crystals may even adopt their own personalities.

This is all part of the fun, so don't be afraid to embrace these powerful properties.


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