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Stay Focused and Motivated

Stay Focused and Motivated

1. Give Up The Excuses

2. Go From Interested to Committed

3. Know Exactly Why You Want It

4. Focus: All You Want Is To Be Successful


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Eric Thomas

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.



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1. Give Up The Excuses

As long as you have excuses, you will never have success. In order to be fully committed, it’s important that you let go of the excuses.

Don’t have enough time? 

  • Set your priorities and eliminate tasks ruthlessly.

Don’t know how? 

  • Find a mentor
  • Determine your true purpose.


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2. Go From Interested to Committed

There’s a big difference between being interested in success and being committed to succeed.

One is wishful thinking and the other is taking responsibility.

When you just want to succeed, you’ll find excuses to give up. You may blame your boss, your education, your family, and so on.

When you are committed, you’ll take a hundred percent responsibility and work for your dreams with absolute dedication.


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3. Know Exactly Why You Want It

3. Know Exactly Why You Want It

Now you know that commitment makes a world of a difference. It’s time to apply this knowledge and understand your motivation.

Why do you want to succeed? Is it for your family? Is it for your children? Or is it to prove that you’re worth something to yourself?

Understanding your WHY will help you reach another level in your life.


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He who has a Why can endure any How.



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Intrinsic Motivation

You are intrinsically motivated when you accomplish something because it is personally rewarding to you. You want to do something because of an internal desire.

For example:

  • Going for a run every morning because you love the runner’s high and the energy it gives you for the day
  • Clean your home because you it makes you feel calm and organized.


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Extrinsic Motivation

You are extrinsically motivated when you act or accomplish something for external rewards such as fame, money, praise, and grades.

Extrinsic motivation comes from external situations, such as when you want to receive praise, study for a test, or exercise because you don’t want to look silly or out of shape in front of others.


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4. Focus : All You Want Is To Be Successful

  • You don’t care about going out for drinks every weekend. 
  • You don’t care about other peoples perceptions. All you want is to be successful
  • You are working day in and day out on your goals. 
  • You know clearly what you’re trying to accomplish and you’re going after it with everything you’ve got. No one will stop you. 
  • You will be successful.


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