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Adjacent skills

Adjacent skills


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Adjacent skills

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Adjacent skills are skills that are close or related to the ones you already have.

The main advantage is that you are not starting from scratch: you can usually use some of the knowledge from your existing skills to acquire adjacent skills. Not only will the process feel easier, but you will reinforce your current knowledge.


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  • Sustain motivation at work. Having adjacent skills means you can switch between a wider range of tasks.
  • Build a distinctive viewpoint. Having skills from various areas that are relevant to your work will enable you to see overlaps and connections where other people don’t, bringing to the table non-evident solutions that may be more effective than the obvious ones.
  • Expand career perspective. Building skills through agency will open new doors and even allow you to craft a unique role for yourself.


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Examples of adjacent skills

  • Main skill: Writing- Adjacent skill: SEO
  • Main skill: Design - Adjacent skill: Illustration
  • Main skill: Content marketing - Adjacent skill: Content marketing
  • Main skill: Coding- Adjacent skill: Technical writing
  • Main skill: Product management- Adjacent skill: People management
  • Main skill: Marketing - Adjacent skill: Psychology
  • Main skill: Email marketing - Adjacent skill: Community management
  • Main skill: Interface design- Adjacent skill: User research.


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