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The Cheeseburger

An American cheeseburger is designed to be loved. The gooey cheese, ground beef and toasted buns make it a global favourite, even having its own day: The National Cheeseburger Day, September 18.

Invented by Lionel Sternberger in 1924 in Pasadena, the cheeseburger cost 15 cents at that time and was called the Aristocratic Hamburger.

Hard to believe, but Sternberger invented the cheeseburger!



  • The biggest cheeseburger was cooked in the Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar, weighing 1,800 pounds. It is available for USD 10,000 with a three-day notice.
  • The tiniest one is made by the Japanese, as shown in a YouTube channel.
  • American cheese is the most preferred one to be added to a burger, all over the world.
  • The correct placement of the cheese slice in a burger is on the top of the patty, not the bottom!
  • Jimmy Buffet wrote a song on the beloved cheese burger in 1978, called ‘cheeseburger in paradise’.


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