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The Napoleonic Code

The 1804 Napoleonic Code influenced civil law codes across the globe. It was very influential in developing countries outside Europe, especially in the Middle East.

  • It replaced the fragmented laws of pre-revolutionary France.
  • It recognised the principles of civil liberty, equality before the law for men (not for women in the same sense), and the state's secular character.
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Self Improvement

The Napoleonic Code | History of Western Civilization II


Dreams: A Dose Of Weirdness

We all have had weird dreams with laughable and bizarre scenarios that defy any kind of logic.

According to a new hypothesis, the random weirdness in dreams is there for a reason: to help us handle the unexpected in a better way, as life is unpredictable and always in flux.

Weird dreams train us for the unexpected, says new theory


Good trips come and go. Bad trips are remembered.

A journey is more memorable if it doesn't go according to plan. Some trips only have a few unplanned events, such as a missed connection or a rained-out parade.

Other trips turn into adventure literature, such as the 1910 Terra Nova expedition to Antarctica, "The Worst Journey in the World."

Why bad trips can make for great stories


Eckhart Tolle

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it."

The Elements of Living Lightly


Habit tracking

Is a simple and effective thing to do if you want to stick with a habit for good. No matter the format (calendar, journal, app), it provides immediate evidence whether you are making progress or need to change course.

The Ultimate Habit Tracker Guide


Facts About Plate Tectonics
  • The theory that states that the Earth's "outer shell" is split into huge slabs of rock we call "plates," glide over the Earth's mantle is known as the Plate Tectonics
  • Alfred Wegener proposed this theory back in 1915 when it was still named the continental drift
  • Before plate tectonics, the continental drift theory was used to explain the geologic features of a region, which eventually became the unifying theory of geology.
The House of Wisdom
  • Baghdad (the Iraqi city) was once one of the world's centres of learning and culture.
  • The House of Wisdom was established in the ninth century A.D. during the reign of the Abbasids.
  • The library was stocked with Persian, Indian, and Greek manuscripts on mathematics, astronomy, science, medicine, and philosophy.
  • In 1258, the House of Wisdom came to ruin when the Mongols sacked Baghdad. According to legend, so many books were thrown into the River Tigris that its waters turned black from ink.

8 Legendary Ancient Libraries


Humans may be seeing laziness upside down, as it may not really be a sign of inefficiency or unproductivity, but a result of being able to work smartly and free up time to do nothing. Sitting lazily can also trigger further smart work.

The benefits of laziness: why being a lazy person can be good for you


Acts of kindness have been proven to make us happier, lower our blood pressure, and promote stronger social connections.
While people do feel good by doing acts of kindness, new research shows that we benefit by just recalling certain acts of kindness done by us in the past.

How Memories of Kindness Can Make You Happy


Emotions: A Primer

Basic emotions like anger, surprise, disgust, joy, fear and sadness are thought to be universal, and a naturally-occuring reflexive response to a given situation, event or circumstance.

New studies show that human emotions are far more nuanced, and just like primary colors produce thousands more, our emotions are subjective, diverse and as many as all the possible human experiences.

What are emotions, and why do we have them? | HowStuffWorks



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