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Here’s how to check if your phone is Hacked or Not

Here’s how to check if your phone is Hacked or Not


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Here’s how to check if your phone is Hacked or Not

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1. Too Much Fast Battery Draining:

If your phone battery is draining too faster or suddenly then there might be chances that your device got hacked or been used remotely. because if tasks are running in the background then the battery starts Draining.


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2. Unusual Photos & Videos In Gallery:

if notice photos or videos in your Gallery which you didn't take or recorded then this is the clear single that you got hacked. when any spyware gets installed on your device then the owner of the spyware can access your camera to take photos & videos through your Smartphone.


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3. Phone Acts/ Works Very Slow:

If your phone is working fine & suddenly gets slow or Hang, then it might have the chance of getting hacked.


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4. Too Much Data/ Internet Usage:

if you notice that your Device is consuming much more data than you actually use. it happens because your device might be sending the data or receiving the data. in this case, your device consumes more Data.


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5. Unusual Entries in Call Logs & SMS:

in your Call log or Message, the box has unusual contact/ numbers Entries which you didn't do then there are high possibilities that you got hacked.


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6. Apps/ Websites are Crashing & Acting Weird:

if you are facing issues with Apps & Websites Like Crashing, Error &, etc these kinds of things may occur also when you don't have the proper network but after having all the good if you face then don't ignore it because it is going to cause the issues in future.


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7. Pop up Ads On Phone:

If you are getting pop-up ads on your phone without any Adware so this is the point of concern you have to look into it because it is not normal.


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8. Unrecognized Apps In Phone:

If you notice any Unrecognised Apps In Phone which you didn't Install So, as soon as possible Uninstall it. because it contains malware or any harmful Virus.


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9. Flashlight Turning On:

If your Flash Light turn On Automatically without your Command then Might your device is Affected by Cyber Attack.


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10. Unusual Phone Overheating:

If your Smartphone is getting overheated in normal condition then there are chances that your phone got affected.


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Your devices should be in good condition like Battery, Apps should not working in the background, Not Applicable while Gaming, Doing Intense Work &, etc...


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