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How to have a one of a kind, noticeably outstanding handshake

A weak handshake shouts instant disconnect!

"You never have a second chance to make a good first impression" is a hackneyed adage. Someone gets an instant second impression of you the moment your eyes lock and your bodies touch in a handshake.

Press their pulse when shaking hands

To create an instant connection with a new acquaintance lightly place your forefinger on his wrist vein so he feels the warmth of your body flowing into his. This is like touching the shaker's heart, because a person's pulse is a wave travelling directly from the heart.However do not press like you are taking his pulse!


How to exchange business cards with class

Hold the business card while chatting

Do not glance at a new acquaintance's business card and quickly stash it into your pocket.

First, hold it with both hands and gaze at it as though it were a small piece of art hand painted especially for you.

Then you can switch to holding the card with one hand, but continue holding it at waist level or just below. To make her feel esteemed and valued, give it a respectful glance from time to time.


Present your business card with pride
  1. Keep your cards in an attractive card case and handle them carefully. You are giving someone a representation of yourself. It shows you take pride in your profession.
  2. Present it horizontally, with the script facing the recipient.
  3. Hold it just a bit higher than usual- not in his face - but at a height where he could almost read it in your hands.

If you respect your work, others will too.

After all, people who love the work they do and do the work they love are the big winners in life.


How to be a successful networking coversationalist

Examine their business card for conversation inspiration

When talk lags, look at your conversational partner's card again. It can rescue you from discussion deadlock. You will likely find a conversational cue in the card- the logo, his title, the mission statement.


How to give or avoid social hugs

Many of the effusively invasive huggers tell that a hug is a handshake from the heart. Unfortunately not everyone agrees.

let them choose whether to hug or not

Pro huggers, camouflage your hugging intentions by keeping your elbow almost touching your waist as you open your arms. That permits your potential huggee make them call of whether to slide into your embrace or grab your right hand and give it a shake or two


How To Detect If Someone's Hug Is Fake

dont pat when you hug

Stay in an embrace as long or as short as the situation and hugging partner warrant. But do no let your hands become flippers on her back lest it subliminally signal that you want to disconnect.

Don't go crazy analyzing it if your cohugger starts patting yor back. It commonly occurs when one of the huggers feels the embrace is lasting too long, signifying 'OK time is up, let's end this hugging thing". When she starts patting, smile and smoothly curtail the hug


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