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The New Rules of Quitting

The New Rules of Quitting


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It’s not the Great Resignation; it’s the Great Awakening

A lot of norms around quitting, from two weeks’ notice to exit interviews, have stayed intact in the pandemic. One big backdrop, though, cannot be ignored: More people are leaving without another job lined up, which makes transitions, and the conversation between employee and emp...

  • The impression you leave when quitting your job is just as important as the one you make when you accept an offer.
  • Your reputation will always impact your career.
  • Don’t quit over email. Stick to an order of informing various affected parties.
  • This is also not a time ...

  • If someone is leaving with no Plan B, this is a reckoning for you and requires some reflection. The big question to ask is ‘What could we have done to keep you?
  • When someone gives notice, it’s usually too late to change their mind.
  • Get as much feedback as possible:  Ask abou...

  • Tell your manager.
  • With your manager’s guidance, tell your team.
  • Tell and thank senior leaders, peer groups, and others who have helped along the way.
  • Stay classy until the end. Before you log off, send out a final farewell email with your contact information to invit...

  • It can ease a lot of the final days of awkwardness if you are aligned not only on messaging but also on small details like whether vacation days or bonuses are paid out.
  • Do schedule an exit interview with departing talent, preferably with human resources.

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