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How to Work with Designers

How to Work with Designers


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How to Work with Designers

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To speak the language of designers, stop talking about metrics and start talking about users

More often than not, these aren’t too far off from each other. 

For example, you might be talking about setting a goal of optimizing conversion rate on a registration page by X%. Said another way, what you’re trying to do is to remove the barriers that make it hard for users to sign up for your service. But see, the language here matters. Make it easier for users to sign up vs.


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These strengths should be applied to the right problems.

Design encompasses many things, including:

  1. Visual design: typography, contrast, hierarchy, and the good ol’ does it look good? falls into this category. Are the details crisp or are they sloppy? 
  2. Interaction design: is it easy and clear for a user to do X? Is the navigation system robust? Do transitions and animations feel satisfying and make the app feel more intuitive to use?
  3. Product design: does the design successfully solve a problem? Is the thing that is designed useful? Does it have a clear vision? Does it contribute value?


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A senior designer will be highly generative with ideas and solutions if they feel a deep ownership with the product vision and strategy. 

Conversely, if a senior designer is given a junior-level task (like ‘design a form’) but feels that a form is entirely the wrong way to go about solving the problem, then they’ll probably be deeply unhappy with what they’re doing, and possibly not do that great a job either.


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Critique, and designers giving other designers feedback is one of the most important and effective tools for improvement.

If a designer is working alone and never showing their work to other designers, it’s pretty much guaranteed that their work won’t be as strong as if they were engaging in regular feedback sessions.


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That is because a designer’s goal is a quality experience—not just in one aspect of the app, but throughout their entire experience, and not just short-term, but also down the road.


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