Skillshare: Communicating option value to new hires

To determine the target value of the grant, there is a multiplier applied to the salary for every role/level in the company. Here are the multipliers Skillshare uses:

  • Exec team/C-level: 2.45
  • VP: 1.86
  • Director: 0.54
  • Specialist/key contributor IC: 0.43
  • Sr. Engineer: 0.40
  • Engineer: 0.26
  • Individual contributor/most staff: 0.23

When they get to the offer stage, they send candidates a slide deck walking them through the offer in plain language. In the deck, the option grant is broken out in detail — both how they got to the number and their estimated value of that grant.


A No B.S. Guide to Startup Stock Option Grants

There are 3 ways to get additional stock options.

  • Biannual refresh. 
  • Merit grants (If you’re doing a great job)
  • Promotions.


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