Your beliefs are much harder to justify than you think - Deepstash
Your beliefs are much harder to justify than you think

Your beliefs are much harder to justify than you think

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Epistemic justification

Epistemic justification

There is a branch of philosophy concerned specifically with how we justify our beliefs. The chief concern of "epistemic justification" is determining what counts as a good reason for believing something and how we come about those reasons. While there is a smorgasbord of different theories, one of the bigger is known as "coherentism."

Coherentism is a view that settles for circular reasoning. It does so knowingly because the alternatives are just as bad, if not worse.


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Critics of coherentism

It is a great theory to call out the inconsistencies of others, but it has been criticized for allowing circular reasoning.

The problem is that coherentism has been criticized on these very internalist grounds. If we can be justified in believing things based on no other authority than my own beliefs, then it allows the possibility of any outlandish beliefs. 


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Silence is the way to avoid many problems & Smile is the way to solve many problems.

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