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Tackling Art Block

Let's first understand what is Art Block.

In simple words, Art block is what you experience when you really want to create art or do something but can't figure out a 'great' way to do it

You can figure out a good way, but you're not looking for that and hence, Art Block.

people do confuse art block with a sudden downgrade in skill or will and it is surely not that.



✏️ Making art

Consider it the most cliche but effective way.

Now when you are looking for references, you need to make sure you make a moodboard (a place or file where you stack all the references)

Do not visit a site and keep scrolling till you find something. If you do this, it will be a much longer process and a tedious one as well.

Gather at least 10 images or pointers to work with.

Imagine it like your fav sports team but this time you're not playing, you're the coach



It's very common for people to say that artists pick their own style. Yes, it is true but they don't just pick, they also experiment with it and see other styles as well.

Sometimes, you may not be able to do something when your own art style gets in your way.

Always remember, each art style comes with it own pros and cons.


when you're not able to draw a cube, try making it a square.



If there's one thing that you won't find on the internet or any references website is your imagination.

Learn to look at simple objects like a cup or a bowl and imagine what it could be like, if it's size was doubled, it's texture was changed etc.

A bowl could be like a skating park or rink, whatever you call it, if I wanted it to be that way.

Finding shapes and making faces from clouds is one easy and free way to get yourself started with. The



Everytime you want to create something and you can't come up with something, then generate a random name online.

It will take you less than a minute but you'll no longer call it art block, you'll just call it 'xyz' (name generated)

This way, even though you haven't started at all, you do have a name for your project.

And if you think, this wont work then I'll just say

All the big companies first come up with the name


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