How to turn one tiny thought into a blog post worth reading

1. Collect related tidbits

One option is to write a post on a theme that involves the thought or discovery you want to share. Once you've found a theme that works, you can include other examples or ideas. Binging together different points of view could expand your small finding into something worth writing a whole post about.

2. Collect experiences from other people 

If you're writing about something other people have talked about often, you can collect quotes from other blog posts, podcasts, interviews, or talks and write a post that looks at different points of view on the same topic.



How to turn one tiny thought into a blog post worth reading

3. Expand with ideas

Let's say you're working with something concrete—an interesting finding from your experience, data from an experiment you tried, or a trend in customer feedback or behaviour. You can add your own thoughts and ideas to the concrete tidbit you've got to create a full post worth reading . You could look more deeply into what might be affecting the result. Are there other variables affecting your experiment that you hadn't noticed? Are outside forces affecting your customers' behaviour? 


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