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2 productivity hacks that changed my life

2 productivity hacks that changed my life

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Systems that can change your life.

Systems that can change your life.

  • Time Blocking- It’s all in the name. Time blocking is a method in which a person blocks a time of their day for a particular task. When the time is blocked for that particular task, there’s no other choice, but to perform that task.

There are several ways in which time blocks can be established

A- Strict time blocks- This is the Musk way of time blocking, you schedule your entire day in blocks, each and every minute of your day is accounted for.

Recommended for people who have various important commitments.


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B- My way of time blocking- Although, if you modify this Muskian way of a time block to your own needs, it becomes a lovely device in your productivity arsenal. You don’t have to be so rigid about making blocks, it doesn’t have to be minute specific. What I do is, block 9-5 for my studies and 7-11 for my blogs.

Now, that doesn’t seem very healthy, I know, but hear me out, 9-5 for studies include lunch, a few strolls to other rooms of my house to meet and greet the family members, a few 10 minutes Instagram scrolling breaks. 


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  • Priority List– A todo list, but way better

Time blocks and priority lists complement each other like chicken and my mouth! Just perfect! A to-do list is a very inefficient and ineffective way of scheduling one’s day. You end up putting so much upon that list that at the end of the day even if you’ve accomplished a few of the tasks, you feel unsatisfied and unproductive.

Priority list however is a list where you put 2-3 works you’ve to accomplish that particular day. 2 for me is the sweet spot. 


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But, remember anything beyond 3 is a to-do list. You make a priority list, you accomplish those tasks

, and you pat yourself on the back at the end of the day for achieving your tasks.

It’s not only more effective, but it also helps boost your self-esteem and makes you feel more confi



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