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The 8 types of solopreneur

The 8 types of solopreneur

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The solopreneur

The solopreneur

Upwork reported that 36% of the US workforce freelanced in 2020. The same report finds that 58% of traditional workers who started working remotely during the pandemic consider freelancing.

Experts predict that the majority of US workers will engage in independent work by 2023. Many of these workers will fall into the category "solopreneur", an independent worker who works alone.


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Common types of solopreneurs

  • The freelancer markets a specific skill-set to multiple clients - e.g. website creation, admin support, etc.
  • The creative is a sub-category of freelancers, e.g. graphic design, writing, etc.
  • The consultant advises people on how to do better.
  • The content creator monetises what they do in a way that does not require direct one-on-one services, for example, course creators, bloggers, etc.
  • The side hustler does any of these things while also working full-time.
  • The gig worker works for a company that has built its business model on independent workers.
  • The brick and mortar, e.g. personal trainers.


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