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Everyone Has A Story You Can Learn From

Everyone Has A Story You Can Learn From

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We Can Learn From Anyone

We Can Learn From Anyone

We are very quick to judge others, based on how they look and behave on the outside, but seldom do we care to know what their story might be. Every person has a story, and trying to know it before judging them and dismissing them can help us be better people.

All I want is an open heart on an open road because our growth expands exponentially just outside our comfort zone. When we are pushed past our limits, when we skip over boundaries and are confronted with the unknown, we see things differently. We think more clearly. We learn.

Life lessons don’t need a time or date to get underway


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Listen to others without judging.All people have the right to believe whatever they want to believe; they have the right to say whatever they want to say. Instead of judging what other people say, listen and show your respect.



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Everybody Contains Some Story To Be Tell

Everybody Contains Some Story To Be Tell

People, all of them, have stories and secrets we’ll never know, so we project our best guess. We fill in the blanks of their lives. We write a quick story and believe it but we don’t give them a chance to read it, critique it, help us see that we create assumptions instead of connection when we choose our answer and refuse to ask questions.

Emotions are just hints for us to go within, to dive deeper, to see what’s there. They manifest in different ways. Sometimes hurt is rude and sometimes pain is mad. And, sometimes, in a small yard in a big city, heartbreak looks mean.


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you don't know what you don't know. ~ Socrates

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