Whenever an astronomy book comes into my hands, I feel faint. Actually, I feel like a microbe. This is a series that in 50 different ideas, words or themes, the author develops in her research. 

If you take a look at the tags / labels I have chosen to classify this book you will realize what I am saying.
Communication is very digital, having read the book on Kindle. This already gives the subject something unimaginary, unexpected, unpredictable, fantastic just like science fiction. 



50 Ideas You Really Need to Know: Universe

50 Ideas You Really Need to Know: Universe

by Joanne Baker

Science fiction is flanked by science, without ever neglecting fantasy. You get to a point where you can't tell where science ends and science fiction begins. 

Then your fantasy appears and you begin to gallop in a universe you do not know and you are prey to the wildest imagination. 

The mystery takes hold of your mind and you feel lost between space and time, as you travel at the speed of light-years. 

You come to the end of the book and are happy to be landed, happy with your ignorance and happy to be a microbe.


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