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The One Minute Manager Summary

About The One Minute Manager Book

The blockbuster #1 national bestselling phenomenon is back... not that it ever really went away. An easily-read story which quickly demonstrates three very practical management techniques, it also includes information on several studies in medicine and in the behavioral sciences, which help readers understand why these apparently simple methods work so well with so many people. The book is brief, the language is simple, and best of works.

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The One Minute Manager by Kenneth H. Blanchard, Spencer Johnson

4.5/5 (8479 reviews)

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Take a minute: look at your goals, look at your performance, see if your behaviour matches your goals.



3 Tools for effective management

  1. One minute goal setting
  2. One minute praising
  3. One minute reprimand

One minute does not mean an exact time but rather that it is easy and does not need to take up too much time.


One minute goal setting

The One Minute Manager makes it clear

  • what the employee's responsibilities are,
  • what they're accountable for.

Once understood, each goal is recorded on a single page. The goal and its performance standard should consist of one or two paragraphs that can be read in a minute. The employees should have access to assist with aligning themselves with their goals.


The one-minute manager's three secrets

The one-minute manager's three secrets

There are three secrets to one-minute management:

1. One-minute goals : Goals create clarity about what is most important.

2. One-minute praisings :Praisings build confidence.

3. One-minute redirects Redirects address mistakes.




It takes substantial time to manage people, but it only takes a minute to refocus them on goals and provide actionable feedback on how they’re doing. These concepts represent only 20 percent of management activities, but they help us achieve 80 percent of results.Goals provide direction and focus.Praisings and redirects are all about providing people with actionable feedback to help them accomplish goals sooner. By combining all three, you create clarity on what’s important, build confidence, and improve behavior on your way to achieving results.


1. One-minute goals

1. One-minute goals

In most organizations when you ask someone what they do and then ask their manager the same question, you often get two different answers. This means some people don't know what their job is. In these situations, it's difficult to drive accountability. It's impossible to be a good manager without being on the same page with your team members about what high performance looks like.


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