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The Habit of Winning Summary

About The Habit of Winning Book

Do you feel like throwing in the towel, but want to be a great leader? Would you like to build an organization? Do you want your child to be the best she can be? If you answered yes to any of these questions, The Habit of Winning is the book for you. It is a book that will change the way you think, work and live, with stories about self-belief and perseverance, leadership and teamwork—stories that will ignite a new passion and a renewed sense of purpose in your mind. The stories in The Habit of Winning range from cola wars to cricketing heroes, from Michelle Obama’s management techniques to Mahatma Gandhi’s generosity. There are life lessons from frogs and rabbits, sharks and butterflies, kites and balloons. Together they create a heady mix that will make the winner inside you emerge and grow.

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The Habit of Winning by Prakash Iyer

4.4/5 (3660 reviews)

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Classic lessons on success of organizations, teamwork, true leadership and life as we (don't) know it!

Essence of a Successful Organization

Essence of a Successful Organization

It's not about the structure or the system or the processes or the infrastructure. It's about the people, always about the people.



To make a kite fly higher, you need to pull it towards you. Not push it. People are like that too.



The True Hallmarks of a Great Leader

The True Hallmarks of a Great Leader

  • Learning to focus on others.
  • Showing that the team members are valued.
  • Demonstrating genuine concern for people in the frontline.

True leaders know the importance of focusing on their team, rather than on themselves.

"A year from now, you won't judged based on whether they know your name. You'll be judged based on whether you know theirs." -Michelle Obama.



Don't chase many rabbits at a time. Chase only one Rabbit and you will surely get it


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