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30 Days - Change Your Habits, Change Your Life Personal Workbook Summary

About 30 Days - Change Your Habits, Change Your Life Personal Workbook Book

International bestselling author Marc Reklau presents a hands-on companion to his book 30 Days - change your habits, change your life, which has become a reference for individuals, families, and businesses around the world.30 DAYS has helped readers find solutions to their personal and professional problems and achieve the life they want. Reklau's step-by-step approach is explored even more fully in this workbook, which leads readers through the habits that changed so many lives and shows them how to put these ideas into action everyday.This workbook helps readers further understand, appreciate, and internalize the power of Habit. The engaging, in-depth exercises allow readers to get their hands dirty as they develop a philosophy for success, set personal goals, and improve their relationships.This reference offers solutions to both personal and professional problems by working on our habits day by day. An engaging companion to the bestselling book, the 30 Days - change your habits, change your life Personal Workbook will help readers set goals, improve relationships, and create a path to life effectiveness.

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30 Days - Change Your Habits, Change Your Life Personal Workbook by Marc Reklau

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Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.




Once you have made a decision, go with it and take the consequences. If it was wrong, learn from it and forgive yourself knowing that at that point in time and with the knowledge you had, it was the best and right decision to take.


Choose your thoughts

  • Thoughts create emotions, which create behavior, which create actions, and those actions have consequences in your daily life.
  • Train your mind to concentrate on Positive, Creative and Inspiring thoughts.


In 30 Days, Marc Reklau provides a practical 30 day system to identify your most important goals, eliminate bad habits, and build momentum through small daily actions. His approach aims to create lasting positive change.


Success is never owned. It is rented, and the rent is due every day.



Clarifying Your Single Most Important Focus

Clarifying Your Single Most Important Focus

  • Start by identifying just one essential goal or habit to focus on improving over the 30 days.
  • Hyperfocus on one priority area at a time rather than diluting efforts across multiple changes.
  • This concentrated effort generates maximum momentum.
  • Avoid spreading yourself too thin.
  • Define the singular change that would make the biggest impact.


Planning Small, Specific Daily Actions

Planning Small, Specific Daily Actions

Break your priority habit down into tiny, specific daily actions and rituals that you can easily and consistently complete. Small wins build self-efficacy and compound daily.

Rather than vague long-term aspirations, schedule these manageable steps into each day to drive real change. Plan the detailed habits that will add up through consistency.



“It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action and discipline that enabled us to follow through.”



What Is "Self-discipline" ?

What Is "Self-discipline" ?

Self-discipline is doing the things you need to do, even if you are not in the mood for it.

Self-discipline is like a muscle. The more you train it, the better you get. If your self-discipline is weak right now, start training it by setting yourself small, reachable goals. Write down the success you have and keep in mind that you don't have limits - only the ones you set for yourself.


What is your word worth?

What is your word worth?

Take your commitments seriously! Because not keeping your commitments has a terrible consequence: you lose energy, you lose clarity, you get confused along the way to your goals, and even worse you lose self-confidence, and your self-esteem takes a hit!


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