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Lighting techniques essential in filmmaking

Lighting techniques set the scene of a film. Cinematic lighting creates depth, drama and atmosphere, direct the audience's eye to a specific element, such as an actor or prop, and even reflect the emotions and nature of a character.

Techniques in cinematic lighting include diffusing and bouncing light and adjusting colour temperatures to create a specific atmosphere that can enhance visual storytelling.

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Self Improvement

Cinematography: Understanding Lighting in Film


The Age Of Music Diversity

The 20th century has seen musical creativity, diversity and experimentation, taking a cue from the past music styles, while utilizing the newly available resources and technology.

Innovative changes have been seen in the kinds of instruments and noisemakers being used, combining chords, chord structures, and tempo modulation that created music not heard in the decades before.

Which Century was Considered the Age of Musical Diversity?


  • Founded by Zeno, Stoicism states that our emotions get their wings by our thoughts, while our feelings are based on our beliefs. The key to living is to be virtuous and move in harmony with nature. Bad things will keep happening, just don't’ get so hung up by that.
  • Marcus Aurelius, a great Stoic thinker, wrote that if we are pained by an external factor, our own judgement about that is the problem. It is in our own hands to change our judgement.
  • Psychotherapy, or paying attention to ourselves and the wellbeing of our souls was suggested by Socrates, while he was facing execution.

The ancient roots of self-help


Symptoms of a Low Self-Esteem

The most common symptoms are:

  • Not trusting your own opinion
  • Always overthinking
  • Afraid to take on a challenge
  • Hard on yourself but lenient with others
  • Frequent anxiety and emotional turmoil

Lesser-known symptoms are being a workaholic, and either overachieving or underachieving.

Symptoms Of Low Self-Esteem And The Root Causes of It


The Law Of Effect

Developed by psychologist Edward Thorndike, the law of effect states that any behaviour that is positive or leads to satisfaction in a specific situation is likely to be repeated when that same situation arises again. Behaviours that lead to unease or discomfort tends to not be repeated.

Example: If we practice for a public talk and give an outstanding performance, leading to huge applause and subsequent praise, we are more likely to practice for our next performance.

What Is the Law of Effect in Psychology?


These include:

  • the study of microscopic fossils (micropaleontology)
  • the study of fossil plants (paleobotany)
  • the study of pollen and spores produced by land plants and protists (palynology)
  • the study of invertebrate animal fossils (invertebrate paleontology)
  • the study of prehistoric human and proto-human fossils (human paleontology)
  • the study of the processes of decay, preservation and the formation on fossils (taphonomy)
  • the study of fossil tracks, trails and footprints (ichnology)
  • and the study of the ecology and climate of the past (paleoecology).

Things to Know About Paleontology


The Beast's presence makes you feel like you can't possibly live until it is gone.

However, history proves this is false. Human beings have lived with Beasts forever, often for years. Life still happens during that time. Choices are still made, and good things are still achieved.

Altruistic behaviours promote wellbeing

Formal volunteering, monetary donations and random acts of everyday kindness promote wellbeing and longevity.

  • Studies show that volunteering correlates with a 24% lower risk of early death, a lower risk of high blood glucose, and a lower risk of inflammation levels connected to heart disease.
  • In one study, participants who showed simple acts of kindness, such as buying coffee for a stranger, had lower activity of leukocyte genes related to inflammation.
  • Participants who showed acts of kindness became more pain-resistant.
  • Grandparents who regularly babysit their grandchildren have a 37% lower mortality risk than those who don't provide such childcare. That is a larger effect than may be achieved from regular exercise.

Why being kind to others is good for your health


Schedule Time To Worry

Set aside 30 minutes each day to worry and make it consistent. Then, whenever you catch yourself worrying outside of that time frame, remember that the time to worry is later.

Worrying can be an endless activity and putting a timeframe on it helps to contain it and shift it from rumination to problem solving.

A Simple but Effective Trick to Stop Worrying So Much


Job opportunities

Artificial Intelligence will rule the jobs of the future. Future jobs are divided up into:

  • People who build artificial intelligence.
  • People who tell the machines what to do and determine what to do with their output.
  • Celebrities: Actors, sports players, artists, writers, etc. in the entertainment industry. 

How to prepare your kids for jobs that don't exist yet



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