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The Picasso Principle — Habits of Highly Prolific Minds

The Picasso Principle — Habits of Highly Prolific Minds

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How To Be Prolific

  • Start with being curious and keep feeding your focus for that curiosity;
  • Know your end goal before you start;
  • Do your best work first thing in the morning without any distractions;
  • Take action almost everyday and make time for what you do best;
  • Allow yourself to wander, take walks as it leads to creative thinking;
  • Think long-term and maintain career progression for an extended period of time without losing focus; and
  • Build a creative output system that works well for you.

Prolific Minds Keep On Giving

Prolific Minds Keep On Giving

  • Pablo Picasso was a great artist who created 50,000 works of art in his life. He devoted his life to art and every idea he had, had to be captured on canvas;
  • Thomas Edison, over the course of his lifetime, had acquired more than a thousand patents. He was not only an inventor but also was a manufacturer and a businessman;
  • Barbara Cortland was a profound writer who wrote 723 novels and until the moment she died, she had 160 unpublished novels that were waiting to be published;
  • Seth Godin published a post every day for over a decade and was a best selling author of 17 books.

Action: The Key of Consistency

Action: The Key of Consistency

Becoming prolific means to maintain having a flexible mindset that adapts and still your own personal style.

Highly creative people are not always perfect yet they never fail to take the necessary steps. They will just keep creating, keep building, or keep writing. Creativity can be found in many types and forms and the tools for creative expression today is widespread.

The Law of Progression

The law of progression states that if you can persistently create and share your body of work and don't stop and break the cycle, you will become unstoppable.

Anyonce can apply and become better over time. If you stay prolific, your creative efforts will pay off. Prolific output demands deliberate practice for as long as possible.

Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.


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