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Maps have ‘north’ at the top, but it could’ve been different

Maps have ‘north’ at the top, but it could’ve been different

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The Earth From Outside

When we look at the Earth from outside the solar system, the idea of it being in any particular direction seems less obvious, as there are no poles or signposts to provide any directional perspective.

In the experience of astronomers, there is no direction in space.

The Psychology Of North And South

  • According to psychologists, people associate positivity with something above them(north) and negativity with something beneath them(south).
  • Cities and countries below the proverbial equator are assumed to be poor and underdeveloped.
  • The relationship between directions and our perception of them needs to be reset and rethought.

The North Star And Mercator’s Map

The North Star And Mercator’s Map

European explorers like Christopher Columbus navigated the seas guided by the North Star, but it was the 16th Century geographer Gerardus Mercator, whose 1569 world map provided contemporary knowledge about the geography of the world while correcting the charts for sailors.

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