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Read this again

Balance is a myth. There are only trade-offs. Having balance at my age is a function of lacking it at your age. Your call.

Give yourself space and observe

Give yourself space and observe

Embrace a degree of stoicism for the first 24 to 36 months after graduation.

I enjoy alcohol and THC, and used them every day in college. But I took 24 months (mostly) off both as I knew I needed to be in great shape physically and mentally.

Whether it’s shopping, gaming, swiping, posting, eating, porn, streaming, or ESPN, take as much of this energy and time for the next couple years and reallocate that human capital to three things: work, relationships, and fitness.

Work both Mentally and Physically

Work both Mentally and Physically

Be mentally and physically … warriors. Lift heavy weights and run long distances, in the gym and in your mind.

Many tasks you’ll be asked to perform early in your career will be tedious.

Don’t do what you are asked to do, but what you are capable of doing. Think of it as boot camp before being sent to battle, as there are millions of other warriors fighting to win the same regions of prosperity. Get strong, really strong.

You should be able to walk into a room and believe you could overpower, outrun, or outlast every person in the room.

Be a warrior not worrier

Be a warrior not worrier

Be a warrior. Before you resort to violence, make a thoughtful assessment.

Register the intention behind people’s gestures, ideas, and words. Don’t make a caricature of people’s actions and speech so you can draw your sword and feel righteous.

Be a highly skilled, devastatingly strong warrior who exerts their power by example and leaves their weapon in its sheath.

Forgiveness is strength. Demonstrate it, every day. Be a warrior, not a wokester.

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