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Difference of opinion

Difference of opinion

Explained: difference of opinion and it‘s causes.

• The difference of opinion is a disagreement or argument about something important.

• It's not a conflict but a disagreement toward an opinion/order.

• This could majorly happen when alpha mindset of individual/legion collides.

• It also occour if someone is not convinced and wanted changes in a particular task.

Handle difference of opinion

Handle difference of opinion

How to handle difference of opinion like a pro.

• Speak face to face.

• Meet in a neutral place

• Consider the other person's point of view and remain open even if you feel attacked. [To a limit]. 

• Discuss the facts of the difference of opinion calmly and openly and when appropriate. Clarify the problem. 

• Realize that there is a great potential to learn from each other's mistakes.Find common ground and go from there. 

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