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Take Control of the Process

Take Control of the Process

The Promethean task of the powerful powerful is to take control of the process, to stop allowing others that ability to limit and mold them. Remake yourself into a character of power. Working on yourself like clay should be one of your greatest and pleasurable life tasks.


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Just a teenager who wants to win ☺️🙏.

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Take control of your life

You are going to die – and this is a crucial fact for time management that is very often neglected.

Time management tools should allow you to take control of your life, and then structure your work around it – not the other way around.

The process principle

Incorporating efficient production processes into knowledge work can make an incredible difference in increasing performance and minimizes ambiguity as to what to work on at any given time. Task boards like Asana and Trello are some of the key tools when it comes to setting up processes....

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Right action comes when we take proactive steps to remedy a problematic situation, tapping into the things that are possible and can be controlled.

  • A person with an external locus of control blames others and acts like a hopeless victim.
  • A person who has an internal locus of...

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