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However, if you’re someone who can design an eye-catching cover and helpful inner templates, and have experience with keyword search — or at least enjoy the process — you can find success.

Rachel Harrison-Sund is an example. With a background in design, she left her corporate job a few years back and has been comfortably earning a five-figure monthly salary from KDP low-content books.

On her YouTube channel , she explains how to get started, so if you feel this side-hustle can fit your skillset and tastes, check her out.

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For example, the image below is a planner I published in late 2020. It’s a planner and a goal-setting journal that considers different dimensions of the reader’s life.

Besides the cover, I had to design the interior and create some prompts to help the reader make the most of this planner (hence why it’s a low-content book).

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In my case, I published a romance story in 2019, and even now, almost two years later, I’m still earning money—real passive income.

I haven’t written more on Radish because I’ve decided to pursue the traditional publishing path for my new books. However, I believe it’s an amazing opportunity for fiction writers who want to self-publish a story, chapter by chapter.

KDP Low-Content Books

KDP Low-Content Books

My mind was blown when I learned you can publish books on Amazon’s KDP program with almost no content.

Low content books are paperback books like journals, planners, sketchbooks. Books you can create and publish on Amazon KDP in less than a day. Books that provide the reader with guided content that helps them have a more enjoyable experience whether they’re planning their year, brainstorming ideas, etc.

In comparison, writing on this platform has been a completely different experience as a content creator. Because I love writing and have been doing it for more than a decade, being consistent, learning, and pivoting has been exciting.

The result? I’ve been earning a decent income every month since February 2021 (I started in October 2020).

The bottom line is this: Trying different side-hustles until you understand what you enjoy and excel at can help you be successful as a content creator.

I tried this side-hustle for around 6 months before realizing it didn’t fit well with my skillset. Though I enjoy creating books that can help people’s lives, I’m not a good illustrator or designer. Creating a cover takes me more than a day, and the results are mediocre at best.

Moreover, good analytical skills are a must for this side-hustle. Niche and keyword research are what can make or break your book. After all, you can publish the most gorgeous and helpful low-content book and still get no sales if no one sees it.

Below, you’ll find two content-related side-hustles I’ve seen no one mention on this platform, but that can make you more than four figures per month. Perhaps they’re just the thing that’ll fit you like Cinderella’s slipper.

The first step to content creator success, then, is to try several side-hustles for some time (between 3–6 months) to check their fit.

Whether YouTube, this platform, Radish Fiction, or KDP low-content books, they all have the potential to make you more than four figures a month. And though luck is definitely a factor in the success equation, finding the side-hustle that fits you is just as important.

So, if you’re someone who enjoys fiction writing, give it a shot. Here’s the application form (not an affiliate link).

I t’s no secret that content creators often have to invest lots of time and effort before seeing results.

However, you can seriously reduce the amount of upfront time needed if you find the side-hustle that fits your skillset. And if it’s something you enjoy, then the time you spend hustling for little-to-no-monetary gain will still feel exhilarating.

The problem? I didn’t want to.

Working on my online store felt like a dementor was sucking the life out of me. Moreover, since I didn’t have the right skillset, every little thing felt like climbing Mount Everest.

Perhaps I could’ve created a profitable store if I’d stayed true to this path, but it didn’t fit well with me. And that’s fine. We don’t have to stick to everything we start. We don't have to finish every book. We don't have to cling to side-hustles that make us feel dead inside.

Radish Fiction

We often think Wattpad is the only place for those who enjoy chapter-by-chapter fiction writing. The problem, though, is that it pays little-to-no money.

But Radish Fiction is another story (pun intended). Like Wattpad, it’s a mobile reading app that offers short original serialized fiction. Unlike Wattpad, though, on Radish:

  • Not everyone can join as a writer (you must fill out an application with a pitch).
  • Everyone can get paid from the start.

One thing I’ve learned after trying more than six side-hustles in 3 years is that finding the right fit is crucial for success.

On my first attempt, I created an online print-on-demand t-shirt store and sold zero products in 4 months (that hurt). Based on solid advice found on this platform, I should’ve remained consistent, learned from my failure, and pivoted until I found the right product and right niche to have a successful online store.

When writing a story, you decide whether you want it to be free, paid, or a hybrid, the last being the one most authors opt for because it helps them have a bigger reach while also getting money. Radish pays every three months as long as you earn a minimum of 50 dollars.

Some authors like Robert Thier earn more than 10k per month , whereas others earn less.

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