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Zoom out, but don't zone out

It can get a little overhwelming when we think about the long-term possibilities of our decisions from every angle possible.

However challenging things may seem, we should also try to pay attention to the details that are important to our goals and take the time we have to make sure that we have sufficient information in order to make a decision.

It doesn't mean that we should avoid making decisions but rather that there are things that are worth our undivided attention.


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Practice Social Reasoning

Practice Social Reasoning

A great tool for approaching situations from a new angle is empathy. We often have the tendency to ignore information that could discredit our current notions. 

By practicing empathy and reaching out to a colleague, we are widening our perspective and increasing our abilities to con...


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Utilize the "Yes, and..." Thinking

Utilize the "Yes, and..." Thinking

We all have the habit where we think negatively about something and it's like a reflex or a force of habit. Instead of repetitively sticking to the story of "this isn"t possible" we should develop the skill that most improv actors use, the "yes, and..." thinking....


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Follow your awe

Awe is defined as the emotion that arises when we encounter something strikingly vast that it provokes the need to update our mental schema. Experiencing awe can impact our decision making, so try to broaden your perspective beyond the immediacy of your current situation and that...


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Notice "black and white" thinking

You don't have to be a perfectionist to fall prey to this tendency of splitting your perspective into extremes, where you could only either do good or do terribly.

To resolve this issue we must gradually push the boundaries of our comfort zone and allow ourselves to make mistakes fr...


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Take time to reconnect with your mission

Take time to reconnect with your mission

Our days can feel cluttered and frantic when our our work emails and calls creep into our personal lives after office hours. 

If things feel like they're going on autopilot, try to take a few minutes to reconnect with the broader context of your work before jumping into the...


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Father and husband. Midfulness nerd.

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The power of the first decision

We should pay particular attention to the first decision we make in what is going to be a long stream of decisions.

When we face such a decision, it might seem to us that this is just one decision, with little to no consequences; but in fact, the power of the first decisio...

Not Time management, but Attention Management.

We need to manage our attention. That is to give our undivided attention to the things that are important. This is different than just giving our time to something, we give our attention. 

Emotional decision failure

Emotional decision failure

Our decisions are often altered by two subtle short-term emotions:

  1. mere exposure to things we are used to: we like what’s familiar to us
  2. loss aversion: losses are more painful than gains are pleasant.

Loosing sucks and we subconscio...

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