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In the middle of an unpredictable pandemic, climate crisis, global unrest and inequality, a couple of extremely wealthy men took space rides in their multi-million dollar spaceships.

The efforts may seem like vanity projects, but there is underlying motivation to colonize space, a galactic goal that has surfaced in the last century.

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The Braneworld Theory

The braneworld theory states that in order for the universe to have survived, it would have had to create relatively small "black holes". Moreover, this theory can be experimented upon.

This theory suggests that we are in a three dimensional membrane that exist inside the bulk or the higher dimensional space.

In the case of the Randall-Sundrum model, such tests could involve measuring the gravitational waves that are emitted by the black holes thus linking one brane to another.

Different suits serve different purposes

Space exploration includes two kinds of spacesuits:

  • One is worn inside a spacecraft during launch and ascent to space, during re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere and during landing.
  • The other kind is designed specifically for spacewalks. NASA calls a spacewalk an Extra-Vehicular Activity or EVA, so this type of suit is called an EVA suit. It is a miniature spaceship shaped like a human body that protects from dangers such as radiation, dust, debris, and extreme temperatures.
Take time to reconnect with your mission

Our days can feel cluttered and frantic when our our work emails and calls creep into our personal lives after office hours. 

If things feel like they're going on autopilot, try to take a few minutes to reconnect with the broader context of your work before jumping into the stream of your routine.

Ask yourself what personal and professional qualities do you want to cultivate on the job and then you might start to see more opportunities to increase connectivity and impact.

The Love Of Denim

A pair of denim jeans are a favourite choice of attire for millions. This popular indigo-coloured piece of clothing was born in 1873, courtesy a tailor named Jacob Davis, and Levi Strauss, owner of a fabric house.

Crafted for cowboys and miners, it became a choice for mail workers in the US looking for sturdy wear, something that can stand the constant wear and tear of a coal mine, for example. These were uncomfortable at that time, and no one wore them on the street.

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