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Flexible thinking is independent of IQ.

Unlike working memory (how much you can remember at a certain time), cognitive flexibility does not rely on IQ. 


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Advantages of flexible thinking

Cognitive flexibility makes people smarter, which cannot be reflected in IQ tests.

  • Research shows that successful entrepreneurs are more cognitively flexible than managers of a similar age and IQ.
  • Flexibl...

Collective IQ

Collective IQ

Doug Engelbart coined the term Collective IQ as a measure of how well people can work together on important challenges : how quickly and intelligently they can anticipate or respond to a situation, leveraging their collective:

  • perception
  • memor...

More About An IQ Test

  • IQ (Intelligence Quotient) tests measure our ability to understand information or ideas, and do not measure how much we know.
  • It is to be noted that simply cramming up new information does not increase our IQ, and our _ability to exercise our min_d plays a big role...

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