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Wimbledon Facts

Wimbledon Facts

  1. The Wimbledon championship uses about 53,000 balls, renewed after every nine games.
  2. It is the largest annual sporting event in Europe, with about 6000 staff members, including 1800 for food and drinks.
  3. Many thousand litres of fresh air is pumped into the Centre Court every minute.
  4. The fastest serve happened in 2010 by Taylor Dent(148 mph).
  5. For the women's championship, the speediest one was from Venus Williams in 2008(129mph).
  6. About 700 security guards are deployed in the event.

More Facts About Wimbledon

  1. A trained Harris hawk is deployed to keep the court pigeon free.
  2. Highest quality strawberries arrive daily at the Centre court, with over 8600 punnets consumed each day.
  3. Since 1922, rain has not interrupted the tournament only seven times.
  4. A rain-proof roof has been installed since 2009.
  5. Wimbledon is broadcast in 200 territories and has an audience of over one billion people.
  6. Wimbledon players get paid heftily, even if they only make it to the first round.

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