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How Highly Successful People Manage Time

  • Highly successful people don’t have a to-do list, but they do have a very well-kept calendar
  • Surprisingly, the simple act of scheduling tasks on your calendar, instead of writing them on a to-do list will free your mind, reduce stress, and increase cognitive performance.


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Including Someday Items

Aspirational tasks, like writing a book, don’t belong on a to-do list; instead, create a separate bucket list. 

Daily to-do lists should be focused. If you have a big project you want to complete, you can put it on your to-do list if you chunk it out into smaller, more attainable ta...

1. Time-Blocking

1. Time-Blocking

Time-blocking consists of assigning individual tasks to manageable time slots.

Instead of writing out short tasks alongside hours-long tasks on your list for the day and hoping you have enough time to tackle it all, this approach lets you set realistic goals for yourself one task...

Mindfulness as a tool

Mindfulness is another powerful tool to support both your mind and body.

Mindfulness can be as simple as focusing on your breathing, to calm your mind and settle your body and emotions. Increase mindfulness throughout the day by pausing briefly between tasks instead of go...

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